We use the highest quality materials that we source from around the world. Our team are highly trained and are experts when it comes to working with specialist doors they are extremely focused on quality and that combined with the latest technology, and high-tech machinery ensures that you are receiving the best quality door sets.

Our Doors


K2 GRP hygienic doors are a glass reinforced polyester (GRP) moulded door that are used in areas where the highest level of hygiene is required. They are typically used in laboratories, research facilities, hospitals, pharmaceutical, dairy factories & food processing plants. K2 hygienic doors have been proven for over 20 years.


K2-Panel doors are an extremely tough and durable door perfect for exterior situations that are open to the weather and areas that require a high level of security. The doors are 100% inorganic and have a closed cell core meaning they will not absorb water making them the choice for exterior and medium care hygienic areas.


K2 Swing doors are a great door for high traffic and service areas where ease of door opening is required. They are extremely robust and durable and are virtually maintenance free. For the ultimate in double swing doors, you can’t look past these doors.

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